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We make dreams come true


Our structure was built in 1960 by our grandparents,
Who they cared for and loved until their death.
We grandchildren have the task of maintaining and taking care of it in them
I remember.
In 2018 we started this adventure also thanks to the experience accumulated over the years in the sector
of Catering and Hospitality.
Our intent is to make you feel at home, even if only for one night. We would like to define ourselves as Bed & Breakfast but in the true sense of the word.
Nowadays we are all more demanding, but a B&B is not a hotel, we try to offer the best but we will always remain a B&B.

Massimiliano Viozzi


Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Your vision of reality

The B&B is not our only creative expression,

With our Holyfield Association, we also deal with events of all kinds.

Tell us your dream and based on your budget, we will make it come true for you

Massimiliano Enrico

Assistant and Creative Director


The perfection of details

We are also committed to eco-sustainable projects to offer a better world to ours


B&B coordinator

Franca Biselli

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